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In today's highly competitive landscape you are going to need more than a pretty website to be a market leader. Our consulting service identifies your business challenges, offers expertly optimized solutions and ultimately gives you the edge.


Members of our team are full-time with 10+ years hands-on experience in the internet marketing business. Our passion for web excellence, coupled with a willingness to learn, means we approach each assignment with renewed energy. We have successfully completed 100s of projects, and look forward to the opportunity to do the same for you.


Having one of the best creative teams in the business is a precious resource, so we use it wisely: our designers work closely with our developers and marketers to make sure the design matches the functionality and marketing needs. The design is not solely based on what looks good, it's a contemplated blend of form and function.


Wodu Media's developers optimize performance throughout the entire development process. Most developers don't consider performance after they finish coding: it's an afterthought. Our developers think about it constantly from the initial consultion phase to the end of the project. This results in fast, accurate and efficient code.

Case Studies

Wodu Media websites are often described as "Best In Show". Check out the following examples of our industry-leading web development.

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Florida Keys Real Estate Search

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Florida's #1 Activity Website →

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Consistently outperforming other design and marketing teams by a wide margin garners client loyalty across an incredible variety of industries and niches.

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